STILETTO | 4 min.

2023 | Genre: Drama

Role: Producer (CinemAsia FilmLAB)

STILETTO (created by Thuy Nguyen) is a Dutch Asian LGBTQIA+ story about a non-binary person who encounters an elegant but reluctant woman. Ending up dancing together under an art light projection, the woman is forced to admit to her sexual identity.

Cast: Thúy Nguyen & Donna Tang

Created by: Thúy Nguyen

Directed by: Ruth Juursema

DOP: Ralph Lindsen

Crew: Chuy Nguyen, Caresse Dési, Douglas Pluylaar, Wing Ho, Lucia Koppe, Ewa Sikorska, Linda Korteland, Derin Senler, Romain Cluge, Linda Korteland, Dunya van Veenendaal, Jarno Pors, Luke Linssen, Remo Kuhlmann, Nam Nguyen, Helen Tsang, Mac Liu, Fow Pyng Hu, Doris Yeung, Jia Zhao, Martijn van Veen